- For more than a decade, a Walgreens employee allegedly posed as a pharmacist - administering vaccines and authorized over 745,000 prescriptions without a license.<br>Kim Thien Le held a pharmacy technician license until it expired in 2008.<br>But for most of Le's tenure at three Walgreens locations - Fremont, Pleasanton and San Jose, from 2006 to 2017 - she did not, according to a new 14-page accusation filed by the State Board of Pharmacy.<br>She allegedly filled 745,000 prescriptions - more than 100,000 of which involved controlled substances.<br>When asked for proof of her license, Le would allegedly provide the numbers of two people with similar names.<br> image url="" For most of Kim Thien Le's tenure at three Walgreens locations - from 2006 to 2017 - she did not, according to a new 14-page accusation filed by the California State Board of Pharmacy<br>'There's a major diffe'Pharmacists have to go through a lot of educational requirements and meet stringent state requirements to get a license.' According to the legal documents, inspectors were alerted that a common anxiety medication had been distributed without standard labeling. The bottles of Discount ALPRAZOLAM Overnight DeliveryDiscount ALPRAZOLAM Overnight Delivery were allegedly missing certain watermarks and a refill limit.<br>The prescription featured Le's name.<br> RELATED ARTICLES

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Le was allegedly questioned by investigators, and Hdg Co official immediately apologized, offering to pay a fine and cease work as a pharmacist. <br>Once her offer was rejected, she claimed she did have a degree from Creighton University, but that was found to be a lie. <br>Interviewing shocked employees, ALPRAZOLAM 1mg Buy investigators allegedly found Le had 'counseling patients regarding their prescriptions, administering immunizations/vaccinations to patients,' and 'supervising clerks, Buy ALPRAZOLAM US Pharmacy technicians, intern pharmacists, and Going Listed here trainees.'<br>image url="https://medmark.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/02/suboxone-and-xanax-pills.png"The case against Le is ongoing and investigators are mulling whether to pull the pharmacy licenses of the Walgreens locations that employed Le. <br>

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